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  • BioHaZaRD_ch
    Has shared a image .

    Now its a bit better... more cleaned up hehe

  • BioHaZaRD_ch
    Has shared a image .

    Weeehaaaaaa my new Display arrived .. hell of a box... are there even 2 in it ?.. oh.. no sadly not :rofl:

  • BioHaZaRD_ch
    Has shared a image .

    its very crowded at the moment... didnt get to clean it up yet.. just placed the monitor and connected it... the PC is still open .. have several projects with it.. for one i need )NEED) a better grafphics Card... wanted to buy one about mid summer last year but thought it was too expensive.. now its even more expensive... will reserve me a GTX 1180Ti to release date..

    as you maybe see in my header.. i got a "fairly" old Motherboard/CPU .. but on the other hand it is freaking amazing how to overclock this thing haha..

    i7 2600k @ 4.7GHz 24/7 .. the 5.3 just was to test how far i can go.. if i go too far i will kill my cpu.. not in a blow more in silicon mitigation... thus destroying it..

    also i am in the process of modding my darkbase 700 front cover to be more air-friendly... and there is much more to come.... when i then switch to next platform of Motherboard (either coffee-lake or skylake-x or even waiting for ice-lake) ill do a custom watercooling loop in it

  • TheFreak
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    Nice wall you got here.

    Here´s a cookie for you ;-)